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At ABQ Gold & Silver, we make the process of buying diamonds easy. We have the largest selection of loose diamonds and mounted diamonds in the Southwest. Each diamond is carefully inspected and hand selected by our specialists.

With so many shapes to chose from, the shape you choose is a reflection of your own personality and sense of style; each diamond has it's own unique characteristics.

The 4 Cs diamonds

Information is key- Know the 4Cs and decide which Cs are the most important to you when selecting a diamond.

The 4 Cs

  • Carat weight or size of the diamond

  • Clarity of the diamond

  • Color of the diamond

  • Cut shape of the diamond

You can spend time looking at the intricacies of diamonds and the 4C characteristics with our industry standard, high powered microscope. We have endless examples for you to peruse –both mounted diamonds and loose. We will thoroughly enjoy being a part of your diamond buying journey. Stop by ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange and embark on buying a

high-quality, high-value diamond.

ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange does diamonds right. When you are making an important, lifetime diamond purchase, you want to be confident in your jeweler. At ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange, we work with our customers to bring them the highest quality of jewelry and service.

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