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It's Valentine's Day and we're sharing just some of our favorite love stories!

Love stories come in all forms- the love between a mother and daughter, husband and wife, and the best of friends. In today's post we share, not just the jewelry itself, but the stories that bring meaning to these special pieces.


Jamie and Diane

"I had a beautiful bracelet designed using a very special Marquis cut diamond. When my mother acquired the diamond from her mother's estate she surprised me by passing it down to me. I had the diamond set in a lovely rose gold station bracelet and wear it every day as a sparkly reminder of their love." -Jamie


Heidi and James

"On a cold February night, we were the only two who showed up to help a friend move. Somewhere amid the chaos of packing tape and boxes, we fell quite unexpectedly in love. As writer Maria Popova declares, 'love always sneaks in the backdoor of our awareness before it makes a home in the heart.'

And it did." -Heidi


Jarred and Alison

"Jerrad and I met in 2017 at a mutual friends birthday party and connected over our love of horror movies and animals. I had the feeling like I’d known him forever and I remember thinking it was kind of crazy none of our friends had thought to set us up before because we were so alike. Jerrad is the most genuine, kind and loving man and I can’t wait to celebrate our love at our wedding in September." -Alison


Amber and Nancy

Amber had a necklace made using her mom's original engagement ring and paired it with her her own original engagement ring. "This necklace is my favorite piece because it's the diamond from my mom's original engagement ring and my parents have been married for over 55 years." -Amber

In addition to the gorgeous necklace Amber had two more rings made from a single ring her mother had given to her as a present.


Crystal and Rob

"Rob and I met long before we would become a couple. We both remember the first night we were introduced at Burts Tiki Lounge - but we were dating other people at the time, and would be no more than acquaintances for many years. As he recalls, “...and then when we were both single you were mine.”

You know that guy who’s charming, and so much fun, and easy on the eyes, who your friends tell you to stay away from because he’s going to break your heart? Yeah, I fell in love with THAT guy. And then something that only happens in chick flicks and urban fairytales happened he asked me to be his forever.

We had our dream wedding on a beach in Mexico with close friends and family and a donkey there to witness. It’s been almost four years, and THAT guy turned out to be the most loving and devoted husband I could ever imagine. I’m so lucky to be his wife, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with him."

- Crystal


Max and Linda

"We met in 1995 when we were neighbors in a small condo community in Albuquerque. After

the first date, we haven’t been apart since.

We love the same things. We enjoy movies, hanging out with friends, and entertaining. We

never argue, and we always say how much we appreciate each other. We agree that

everything is possible. We are each other’s support system through anything.

We are lucky in love." -Max and Linda


May this Valentine's Day bring you a life full of Love and many years of wonderful stories.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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1 Comment

Linda DeVlieg
Linda DeVlieg
Feb 14, 2022

Thank you for the beautiful rings; sealed the deal!

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