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Singing Canary Praises

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

"I just love canaries with their yellow plume

with their lovely song lifting up the gloom

jumping perch to perch in their aviary

always very active full of energy."

-From the Poem I Love Canaries by William Worthless

When it comes to canaries, it's the yellow diamonds we're singing praises for. Resembling the color of a canary bird, canary diamonds are an intense yellow color.

The Eureka Diamond, currently on display at the Kimberly Mine Museum, is known to be the first yellow diamond discovered in 1867. Most colored diamonds are considered to be rare, but yellow are most desirable.

What are Canary Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are naturally colored by small amounts of Nitrogen within the diamond's structure.

The color scale, developed by GIA, is used by gemologists to determine the color intensity and grade of diamonds.

It is important to note that not all yellow diamonds are created equally, some have been "enhanced". These diamonds are treated by taking a colorless stone and treating it to acquire an intense yellow hue. A certified gemologist will be able to determine if a stone has been color enhanced.

Why we love Canary Diamonds-

-Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds have a

higher perceived value.

-Yellow diamonds make unique stones for

wedding and engagement rings.

-They are highly sought after due to their rarity.

-Like romantic candlelight, yellow diamonds

cast a soft, warm glow.

-Yellow represents happiness, love, & hope.

-They're just pretty!

Whether you are looking for a unique engagement ring, or adding to your diamond collection, it is safe to say that Canary Diamonds will definitely bring a little sunshine to your day.


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