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Interested in luxury watches? If you are in the market to buy a luxury watch look no further than ABQ Gold & Silver.

Rolex Submariner

Luxury watches are destined never to go out of fashion. Even though we now have clocks on our phones, nothing beats the exceptional elegance of a beautifully crafted timepiece.

We carry new and pre-owned luxury watches, many of which have original boxes and papers. For the models that do not, we provide written insurance appraisals ensuring their authenticity.

Vintage Rolex

Watch Brands 

ABQ Gold & Silver carries leading brands of luxury watches such as-

  • Rolex- Rolex is the essential luxury watch brand, so much so that for a long time you might have thought it was the only luxury watch brand. 

  • Cartier- Known for prestigious jewelry and watches alike, Cartier and royalty practically go hand in hand due to the distinguished designs.

  • Omega - The luxury watchmaker produces beautiful and durable watches, Omega has sporty luxury down to an absolute science.


Our inventory is continually being replenished. Visit us in the shop to see our latest selection or set up an appointment with any one of our specialists. 

"Honest and professional - the best place to buy jewelry in ABQ!" -Sara

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