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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Art imitates life, life imitates art.

Jewelry styles can be inspired by other forms of art such as Architecture. This month we take a look at abstract shapes and finding the beauty in engineered design.

An 18K yellow gold bracelet with bold links inspired by this abstract concrete structure.


The bright rays coming from these little 14K yellow gold earrings bring to mind the starburst light fixtures in the Kolon One & Only Tower.

Geometry in jewelry has been popular for decades, and equally so with architecture. This approximately turn-of-the-century ring with a 1.45 carat Old Mine cut diamond center blurs the line between masculine and feminine.


A complex fixture with sharp points and angles create an architectonic form reflecting interesting light.

Similarly, the angles, points, and diamonds used in these 14K yellow gold earrings reflect quite a bit of light considering their petite size.


Architecture does not always incorporate hard lines and angular shapes. These two structures show how smooth lines and spheres can be used in, not just architectural design, but in jewelry design creating an entirely different look.


We hope this gives you a new perspective on jewelry, a new way to look at the pieces you wear and inspire new styles and designs to add to your collection. So next time you're wandering around town you may notice some of the jewelry you're wearing resembles a near by structure.

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