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How to Buy a Diamond

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

We make diamonds fun.

At ABQ Gold & Silver, we make the process of buying diamonds in Albuquerque easy. We have the largest selection of loose diamonds and mounted diamonds in the Southwest. We have GIA certified diamonds. If you are looking for a round brilliant, princess-cut, cushion-cut, or another fancy shape diamond, look no further.

When you’re in the market to buy a diamond, there are two elements to consider:


Don't be afraid to ask your jeweler questions,

work with someone you trust and can develop a relationship with.

1. Determine your budget; what you are willing to spend on a stone. We emphasize value at ABQ Gold & Silver Jewelry Exchange. Unlike retail stores, we do not have large mark-ups from wholesale price lists. We make sure you get the best value for your money, often selling well below wholesale.

2. Get educated. Know the 4Cs and decide which Cs are the most important to you in buying a diamond.

  • Carat weight or size of the diamond

  • Clarity of the diamond

  • Color of the diamond

  • Cut shape of the diamond

You can spend time looking at the intricacies of diamonds and the 4C characteristics with our industry standard, high powered microscope.

How a diamond refracts and disperses light is dependent on the perfect alignment of facets. Our certified gemologists meticulously hand-select each and every one of our diamonds, assessing them individually with a critical eye, so you can be confident of your choice picking out your diamond.

When you are making an important, lifetime diamond purchase, you want to be confident in your jeweler.

We have endless examples for you to peruse –both mounted diamonds and loose. We will thoroughly enjoy being a part of your diamond buying journey.

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